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It’s difficult just to get out of bed when you feel a headache behind your eyes. The Chicago Headache Center works passionately to get you back on your feet — and keep you there.

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Start seeing the world pain-free.

It shouldn’t hurt to take in the sunrise, enjoy a game over at Wrigley Field, or spend a day at Navy Pier. Living with eye pain and headaches can make it feel like you’re not living your life at all.

We know how to get you back out there, and give you the freedom to see the world without pain. We’ve helped thousands of patients in and around Chicago not only find relief from headache, eye pain and other symptoms, but also craft prevention plans to limit their risk in the future.

At the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute, we offer a wide range of treatment recommendations, and we know how to choose the best one for you.

Hear from just a few of the many patients we’ve helped over the years…

Stop relying on over-the-counter medications to get through the day.

Ibuprofen is a great quick fix on occasion, but you shouldn’t be taking over-the-counter meds several times per month. If you need 24/7 access to your Excedrin bottle just to get through the work week, it’s time to seek help.

Headaches and eye pain occurring that frequently could be a sign of migraines, tension headaches or another issue.

The best way to treat that might not be with medication. We’ve recommended various treatments, including nutrition counseling, dietary changes, acupuncture, physical therapy and new exercise regimens.

The professionals at the Chicago Headache Center know how to determine what’s causing your headaches and eye pain, and we’re experts when it comes to picking a treatment and prevention plan to get your routine up and running.

Sleep through the night. Wake up without pain.

When you’re feeling a headache behind your eyes, turning out the lights and pulling the covers over your eyes isn’t enough to escape. Sleeping through the night can be difficult. Waking up can be just as painful.

If your headaches are causing you to miss out on sleep, your tired body is going to be weak to all kinds of other issues.

Our experts have helped thousands of patients return to a normal sleep schedule. We can get you those all-important eight hours and get you back to your best life.

Dr. Brad Torphy

An expert wholly dedicated to headache relief and prevention.

Dr. Brad Torphy knows how difficult headaches and eye pain are not only on you, but on your entire family. It’s the reason he’s dedicated his entire career to researching, treating and preventing headaches of all types.

Headache treatment and prevention isn’t merely a profession here. It’s our passion, it’s our sole focus, and it’s why we’re so confident that we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about headache eye pain

Does feeling my headache behind my eyes mean I have a migraine?

It could, but that’s not the only possible answer. Feeling a headache behind your eyes can also be indicative of tension headaches – another common but still-painful type of headache. 

Eye pain and headaches are often symptoms of migraine, but there are other possibilities that an expert can diagnose.

Are there non-medical methods to treat my headache and eye pain?

Certainly. At the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute, we’ll often recommend alternative methods. 

Changes to your nutritional regimen, acupuncture, new exercise routines – medication is only one way to treat headaches, and it’s not always the best. Every situation is different. We can help you determine what’s best for your specific case.

When should I seek treatment for eye pain and headaches?

A visit with an ophthalmologist is often a good place to start if you’re experiencing a combination of eye pain and headaches. If that exam doesn’t reveal the root of the issue, it’s possible you’re dealing with migraine headaches. That’s where we come in.

Open your eyes to a life free of debilitating headaches.

You’ve lived your life on your headaches’ terms long enough. It’s time to start living by your own rules and on your own schedule.

Move past those headaches and eye pain, take back to the good night’s sleep you deserve and get back to living your best life.

Take your first step: schedule an appointment with the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute today!

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