Migraine Headaches

Your migraine headaches want to control your schedule. At Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute, we specialize in helping patients reclaim control of their lives.

Break free from migraine headaches that dictate your schedule

It can feel pointless to make plans when you’re battling migraine headaches. Whether it’s a social gathering, a meeting for work, or planning your next workout, a migraine has the final say.

Anyone who has dealt with migraines knows that unmistakable throbbing pain, the accompanying nausea – any number of painful, debilitating symptoms can keep you in bed just waiting for the misery to go away.

We’ve helped countless patients in the Chicago area get the migraine headache relief they need to confidently take control of their schedule and get back to living their best lives.

Don’t take our word for it though. Hear from some of the people we’ve helped:

Courtney Anne
Courtney Anne
Professional and kind. Plus telehealth visits for us out-of-towners make visits a lot more feasible!
Flora Benz
Flora Benz
Dr Torphy, Jodi, and the rest of the staff are great to work with! My son's migraines are manageable, and he is feeling better thanks to their expert knowledge and experience.
kean obrien
kean obrien
Dr. Torphy is really great! I came to him desperate with horrible migraines and no solution. I tried so many meds with nothing working well. He assessed my headaches and got me better meds and now I have Botox approved which is helping so much! His team working tirelessly with my insurance to get it covered. Everyone in the office is awesome. I highlight reccomend
Kristine York
Kristine York
Kind compassionate and knowledgeable! Fantastic experience all around!!
Kayla Mannausa
Kayla Mannausa
I really enjoyed meeting Dr Torphy- he was such a kind compassionate Doctor who is open to various treatment options and you can tell he cares about his patients safety and comfort. I look forward to starting a new plan with him for my vestibular migraines due to my MDDS. Thanks Doc- Kayla Kruger

Start welcoming sunny days again

Few feelings are worse than dreading the daytime as you struggle through a sleepless night. That sunrise you used to look forward to can turn into your worst enemy as you shut the curtains as tightly as possible.

When the bright lights and sounds of the outside world are making you nauseous for hours or even days at a time, relief can seem a million miles away.

It’s not.

At the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute, we help our patients get away from those dimly lit days. Let us help you rise and shine.

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Migraine Headaches 2

Get back to your friends and family

It’s bad enough that your migraine headaches can make you feel physically miserable. When they start to make you feel alone, it’s time to take action.

You shouldn’t have to pass on happy hour, turn down tickets to Wrigley Field or tell your family you can’t make it to dinner because your migraine has other plans. We’re here to help.

An expert entirely dedicated to migraine headache treatment.

Dr. Torphy knows just how difficult migraine headaches can be on a whole family, that’s why he’s dedicated his entire professional career to helping people treat their headaches.

Migraine headache relief is our passion at the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute. We can’t wait to help you get back on your feet.

migraine headache treatment

Frequently Asked Questions about migraine headache relief:

Unfortunately, there’s no simple cure for migraine headaches. There are, however, various medications that can be taken to relieve pain and combat nausea, as well as preventative measures that can spare you from future attacks.

We can help you determine the right treatment plan for your specific situation.

Migraine headaches can be genetic, and attacks can be brought about by many, many triggers. Stress, diet, other medications, hormonal changes and even certain changes in the weather can trigger an attack.

We can work with you to pinpoint your triggers and avoid future troubles.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache – we can help with them, too – but they’re not as debilitating as a migraine headache.

A tension headache will often feel like there’s a tight band around your whole head, causing dull aches and moderate pain. Migraine headaches are often more severe, with pulsating pain on one or both sides of your head and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

If you’re uncertain, we can determine whether you’re dealing with migraine headaches, tension headaches or something else.

There’s no straightforward, “best” option for migraine headache treatment, because everyone’s case is different. Your treatment will depend on your triggers, the severity and frequency of your migraine headaches and any number of other factors.

There is a best treatment plan for your specific case, though, and Dr. Torphy’s passion is helping his patients find that plan.

You’ve spent enough time pulling the covers over your eyes and covering your head with a pillow, waiting for your ibuprofen to kick in.

Migraine headache relief isn’t something to put off until tomorrow – not when you could be catching up on all the other activities you’ve been missing. Step into the light, and stop living in pain.

Take your first step: schedule an appointment with Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute today!

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