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Information from Chicago’s leading tension headache treatment specialist. Four words no one should utter: “It’s just a headache.” At the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute, we specialize in treatment and preventative measures for headaches of all kinds.

chronic tension headaches

Frequent tension headaches don’t have to be part of your life.

A dull, aching pain. Tight neck and shoulder muscles. That feeling like someone is slowly tightening a band around your whole head. Even your scalp is sensitive to the touch.

Sound familiar?

If so, there’s a good chance you’re afflicted by episodic tension headaches or even chronic tension headaches.

Left untreated, severe cases of tension headaches can last for hours at a time and impact their victims’ lives on a near-everyday basis. That’s no way for anyone to live. 

Don’t make excuses or downplay it as “just a headache.” The experts at the Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute can help you leave those aches and pains in the past.

We’ve done it for these people and for many, many more:

Learn about your triggers.

It’s understandable to focus on immediate tension headache relief, and at the Chicago Headache Center, we have many treatment options for your current pain.

It’s arguably even more important, however, to know what caused your tension headaches in the first place. Countless factors can trigger an episode, and we can’t know the optimal plan for tension headache treatment unless we learn the source of your pain.

Stress, diet and muscular tension can all be triggers. Limiting alcohol and caffeine, avoiding tobacco, exercise and a proper sleep schedule can all help to prevent tension headaches.

We’re experts when it comes to pinpointing triggers and formulating a plan to avoid tension headaches in the future.

Get back on your feet, and back into your routine.

Just like a severe migraine, a bad tension headache can have you canceling plans with friends, skipping workouts and calling in sick to your job.

We aim not only to provide tension headache relief, but to prevent chronic attacks so you can stay on top of your professional game, get to the gym, catch that movie with friends, and experience all that the great city of Chicago has to offer.


An expert wholly dedicated tension headache treatment.

Dr. Brad Torphy has dedicated his entire professional career to learning about various types of headaches, their wide-ranging series of triggers, and the various methods not only achieving headache relief but preventing future instances.

You couldn’t put your quest for a tension headache remedy in better hands.

Frequently Asked Questions about tension headaches:

What’s the difference between a tension headache and a migraine headache?

Tension headaches are the more common of the two. Tension headaches tend to cause moderate pain that can make your whole head feel as though it’s being squeezed by a tight band. Migraines can carry more severe, pulsing pain.

No one should have to live with either, and at the Chicago Headache Center, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our patients overcome both.

Can tension headaches be chronic?

Absolutely. Tension headaches can be broken down into episodic or chronic – the latter of which can impact you for hours at a time, for more than 15 days every month.

Even episodic tension headaches can eventually develop into chronic cases, so if you’re in the need of even occasional tension headache relief, it’s best to contact an expert.

What are my options for tension headache treatment?

There’s a wide range of treatments. Some cases may be best-suited for medication. Other patients might benefit from vitamins and supplements, acupuncture, dietary changes or physical therapy.

Dr. Torphy is a headache expert who can help every patient determine their best course of treatment.

Is there a quick and easy tension headache cure?

While any individual tension headache might be able to be resolved quickly, there’s no simple cure for chronic tension headaches.

There are many preventative measures that you can take to limit your tension headache frequency moving forward, however. We’d love to help start you down that path.

Put your constant tension headaches in the past.

If you find yourself taking medication for headaches two, three, or even more times per week, you’re not doing all you can. You can take the power away from your pain, and that starts with a consultation from our tension headache relief experts.

Take your first step: schedule an appointment with Chicago Headache Center and Research Institute today!

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